Vi sender med GLS hver Tirsdag & Torsdag - der er fri fragt på alle ordre over 500 kr


Our heart

We want to help the planet as well help the people in need – above all we want to make our footprint in this world focused on love and make sure the future for all children can and will be as bright as possible. 


Mission & vision

Sommer studios is founded with the loving thought of being more than just one another brand. We do have a vision to make clothes for kids and their family that they would love to wear without compromising environmental and social aspect for all Sommer Studios production.


Materials & Production

At the moment we only work with 100% cotton. We are mainly working with kids wear, and therefore is a main priority that all our labels, threads and trims are either 100% organic, recycled or responsibly and ethically sourced.  

We try our absolute best to produce limited quantity of all our items so that we do not create unnecessary often wasteful production. Our size variety is also smaller than seen typically as we encourage our costumer to purchase clothing for their children that can function for longer periods of time despite the fact the fast rate in which our children grow.

We also do not subscribe to the idea of collections, so to minimize waste and hurried consumption we have chosen not to release a new collection every time the seasons change. We much rather design and produce based on the basis of necessity and interest as they arise. We believe this avenue is best way to grow and function as a brand that’s helping our children as much as the environment.


Your heart

We encourage all our customers to also think with your heart and conscious when you consume. Our kids clothes sizing varieties are minimal, since we want to encourage our customers to use all your clothes for as long as possible to help our planet.  We are aware of the fact that sooner or later the little one will outgrow his or her clothes. We hope you keep in mind that a good quality garment is always wanted or needed by someone else. We highly encourage everyone to give your or you children’s clothes a second chance at life by covering holes, stains etc. with leftover fabric or patches. When you no longer use your Sommer Studios product please, recycle, resell or donate your clothes to a responsible organization.