Sommer Studios is a danish brand founded in 2020 by designer Mathilde Sommer. The idea for the brand came after Mathilde became a mother herself to a boy in 2017. Mathilde couldn’t help but notice that the kids apparel market was missing products that focused on the children’s needs firstly. Items designed for the possibility of movement and the option for getting messy without thinking about damaging the clothes. Mathilde found it difficult to find a kid’s brand with bright assorted colors as she would wear herself when she was a child. At the end of the day, she thought the world lacked and needed products that were based more on the kid’s necessities than that of the parents. Mathilde’s motivations reach far beyond only creating a profitable business model, but one that as a mother and member of a society have a responsibility to the environment and what we leave behind for the generations to come. The ethos of Sommer Studios is to make a positive impact for both the environment and longevity of the products we bring into it.


Sommer Studios wants to embrace all kid’s unawareness and or blindness to the "labels" mode of thinking and encourage their will to be themselves as unique individuals they truly are. For that reason, Sommer Studios is a unisex brand, that embraces children’s imaginations and beliefs that anything and everything is possible. We wish to make clothes that matches your child’s own personality, creativity and loving minds. 



At the moment we only work with 100% cotton. We are mainly focusing on kids wear, and therefore is a main priority that all our labels, threads and trims are either 100% organic, recycled or responsibly and ethically sourced.  We also do not subscribe to the idea of collections, so to minimize waste and hurried consumption we have chosen not to release a new collection every time the seasons change. We much rather design and produce based on the basis of necessity and interest as they arise. We believe this avenue is best way to grow and function as a brand that’s helping our children as much as the environment.