About Summer Studios


My name is Mathilde and I am behind Sommer Studios.
When I started Sommer Studios in the summer of 2020, my plan was to produce everything in my own brand myself, but a month after I launched the first products on the webshop, I became pregnant with my daughter and therefore had to change course.

Therefore, in addition to selling my own organic brand, I decided to also sell my children's clothing favorites for my own two children. Namely clothes from small foreign brands that you can't find anywhere else in Denmark and where quality and design, in my opinion, are the best you can get.
The fine styles you find on the website are primarily brands from South Korea, where they both design and produce everything in South Korea.

But yes, I am the one behind it. This means that I am a '1 man army' - I manage Instagram, purchases, webshop and packing orders myself, and try to achieve everything faster than possible.

I would also like to thank you for your patience sometimes. But last but not least, thank you for all your orders and great interest in my small business. It means a lot❤️