Size guide

Choosing a size for your child can be a challenge, as all small children are very different in size. As a starting point, we only buy clothes for the webshop that are flexible, soft and easy for all children to move in.

We have tried to create a guide below so that it can be easier and more tangible to choose the size of our clothes.

We always advise our customers to choose a slightly larger size than the size your child currently wears, that way you can use the clothes for a longer time and therefore protect both the environment and the economy, as your child can use the clothes for longer time.






74-86 cm

1-2 years



2-3 years


98-110 cm

3-4 years


110-120 cm

4-5 years


120-130 cm

5-6 years


Summer Studios Sweatsets

 Which size should I go with if my child wears:

 Size 74-86 select size 0-1 years

 Size 86-92 choose size 1-2 years

 Size 92-98 choose size 2-3 years

 Size 98-104 choose size 3-4 years

 Size 104-110 choose size 4-5 years



If you want the clothes to sit loose and have a more baggy fit, we advise you to go up one size, and from there increase the sleeves or trouser legs as needed.

Finally send me a message if you need further help :-)